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Our partners and donors are vital to our mission of serving our athletes, working together to turn disabilities into capabilities in the world of endurance sports.

Thank you for your support!

Picture courtesy of    Nick de la Torre

Picture courtesy of Nick de la Torre

2018 CATAPULT GALA Partners

Our CATAPULT Gala Corporate Sponsors are critical to our 2018 Program.  Much of our fundraising is generated through our CATAPULT Gala - and these guys are the companies in our community that made it happen.  Not only are they integral to our financial success, but their services are critical to our athletes.  Learn more about our 2019 gala and becoming a partner today here.  

2018 CATAPULT Partners

Our 2018 Partners are the local organizations that we have deep relationships with that help us with our program and mission via monetary donations or in-kind donations of service, goods or race entries.  

We cannot express how much we appreciate these guys!  Thank you for all you do to help our athletes get to the finish line!  To learn more about these amazing CATAPULT partners, click on any of the logos below!   

Become a 2019/2020 CATAPULT Partner

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