turning disabilities into Capabilities

Team CATAPULT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity that aims to CATAPULT physically challenged individuals over adversity and into the world of endurance sports.

Founded in 2015 by a group of like-minded, Houston-area triathletes and runners, CATAPULT aims to become the lead organization in the Gulf Coast assisting individuals with physical disabilities via coaching, funding, training, education, and full access to the endurance sports community and competitions.

CATAPULT strives to help all individuals, from those who just experienced a life-changing event, to those wanting to find a hobby and improve their quality of life, to athletes who are Team USA Paralympic athletes and hopefuls.

CATAPULT is in the community, recruiting, educating, and training athletes, and helping to launch them across finish lines!

We are in the business of improving individuals’ lifestyles - and most importantly accomplishing our mission of helping to turn disabilities into capabilities in the world of endurance sports.
— Mark Barr, 3 x Team USA Paralympian and CATAPULT Sponsored Athlete

Image courtesy of    Scott Flathouse Photography

Image courtesy of Scott Flathouse Photography


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Image courtesy of    D76 Photography

Image courtesy of D76 Photography

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