All photography provided by Glenn Challenger and Ray Trey Currid

Since 2015, we have led the effort to provide training and full nondiscriminatory access to PC athletes in our community.  In the time we have assisted 50 athletes cross the finish line of numerous races across the United States - from a local 5k, to the North American Ironman Championships - if someone can dream it, we want to do our small part in bringing that dream to life. 

Since our inception we have been at the forefront of most local endurance races helping them to provide full access to all athletes despite of any physical disability.  

CATAPULT has greatly assisted with my journey to become the fastest visually impaired runner in the country. Since working with CATAPULT, I have completed 3 marathons and even crossed the finish line of an Ironman in 2016.
— Matt Oliver, CATAPULT Athlete and The 2015 USABA Marathon National Champion

Our Mission

It is the mission of CATAPULT to facilitate a lifestyle of health and fitness to physically challenged individuals, so that they may meet their personal goals.  CATAPULT will work with individuals in our community and nationally, connecting them with opportunities, training, education, accessibility, and funding, so they may compete at all levels of athletics from finishing a 5k to competing in the Paralympics.  CATAPULT aims to motivate and unite the community around us by demonstrating that disabilities are no limit to an individual’s capabilities.  

CATAPULT and the first annual CATAPULT fun run helped me attend some summer camps that has allowed me to improve my ability in my sports. Without them I would not have been able to attend the camps. These camps helped me continue to develop confidence to reach my goals of playing NFL football someday!
— Calder Hodge - CATAPULT Athlete with the dream of becoming the first amputee in the NFL

All Time TEAm catapult finish line - 200 finishes and counting

                 Houston ABB 5k: 35 finishers
                 Houston Marathon: 30 finishers
                 Conoco-Phillips Rodeo Run: 19 finishers
                 Texas Independence Relay:  30+ finishers                                                                                                     San Diego Spring Sprint Tri: 2 finishers
                 The Boston Marathon: 3 finishers                                                                                                                    Ironman Texas: 3 finishers - (*2016 North America PC Ironman Champion Matt Oliver)
                 CapTex Triathlon: 2 finishers
                 CATAPULT 5k: 11 finishers
                 Sylvan Beach Triathlon: 15 finishers
                  Sylvan Beach Duathlon: 8 finishers                                                                                                  Cypress Triathlon: 6 finishers                                                                                                          TXU Turkey Trot: 18 finishers                                                                                                          12Ks of Christmas: 16 finishers


Athlete Finish line by state - All time