race day with team catapult

Image courtesy of    Scott Flathouse Photography

Image courtesy of Scott Flathouse Photography

From before the start to after the finish line is crossed, CATAPULT can provide most everything needed for success on race day.

Races sponsored by CATAPULT are determined per our annual budget and in coordination with our partnered Race Directors. As a sponsored race, we offer the accommodations below, in addition to our weekly workout sessions and annual Grant Program.

Reach out to hello@teamcatapult.org to participate as an athlete, guide, or volunteer!

eNTRY & Registration FEES

Entry and registration fees to CATAPULT sponsored races are completely comped for our athletes. Fees for registered guides are waived as a courtesy of the Race Directors.


Sighted guides are provided for all visually impaired athletes participating with CATAPULT. We often have the ability to provide two guides per athlete, as required by some events. For mobility impaired athletes, pacing/support guides are available as well.

Race day volunteers are provided as well. These are CATAPULT helpers who watch and transport important items (prosthesis, bags, etc.) and ensure our athletes safely get to and from the start and finish lines.


Out-of-town athletes are provided with home stay options (a room, bed, or couch of a vetted CATAPULT volunteer) as well as travel to and from the airport and race event.

CATAPULT can not always cover flight or mileage costs for out-of-town athletes, but these costs may be offset with any awarded CATAPULT Grant funds for the year.


Athletes and guides participating on behalf of Team CATAPULT at a sponsored race are provided with a racing singlet and/or trucker hat to wear on race day. For our biggest races (Houston Marathon, Texas Independence Relay, etc.), special edition singlets are often printed and are limited to those registered for that event.

Gear is often available for race day volunteers as well!