Catapult Race Reports: April 7th-8th 2018


A weekend of accomplishment: 

Catapult athletes were out in full force this weekend for an assortment of different events. Our teammates and friends were making it rain with love from the sidelines. Here are their stories. 

Jeff Waldmuller: Ironman Galveston

Finish time of 6:24

I want to yell a special shout-out to @Art Busby and his daughter for being my handler at IronMan Texas yesterday!

Also special thanks to those who came out to support!

The conditions were brutal out there and you guys helped keep me going!

Ben Castillo: Ironman Galveston

Ben Castillo

New 70.3 PR. Good swim 🏊‍♂️. Crazy 😝 bike with brutal head wind on the way back. Cold weather could not put my shoes on in T2. Thank you to all teammates, friends and family for cheering. #teamzoot #teamcatapult #filamtritexas #bikebarntx #honeystingerambassador #furytriteam #cervelo #mercurywheels  @ Galveston, Texas

Alma Nelly: Vintage Park Half Marathon

And, just like that all the big races of the season are done!
It was a great season!!
6 half marathons
1 180 mile relay
1 12K
6 10Ks ... a handful 5Ks done w a few to go!

David Sheppard: Vintage Park Half Marathon

Finally hit a milestone with a sub 1:25 half marathon. It was a day of cool weather and a few PRs for the speedy Catapult crew of Patrick Pressgrove Heidi Bock Alma Nelly and Jarrett Hubert. Good job everyone!


Heidi Bock: Vintage Park Half Marathon


So this just happened for the first time since 2009, with a 1:25:22 PR to boot!
Mad props to the speedy David Shepard who ran a 1:24:?? and was the rabbit I just couldn’t catch, but pulled me through that 3+ minute PR!
Congratulations to Catapult half marathon athletes Alma,  Patrick, and Joshua (who rocked his first half!), and Catapult guide Jarrett with a sub 1:30 finish!

Patrick Pressgrove: Vintage Park Half Marathon


Squeezed out a 13.1 PR of 1:51:18 today and watched Joshua Smith completely destroy his first Half at the Bayou City Half Marathon Series Vintage Park Half Marathon!

Great end to a great weekend with Team Catapult! 




Joshua Smith:

Had a great time at the Vintage Parks 1/2 Marathon! Finished in 1:42:12 (7:48/mile pace). DEFINITELY sore, but it was a great time! Can’t wait till next time! #vintagepark #teamcatapult

Bruce Hayes: Ironman Galveston


Finish time of 5:30


Bruce is a guide and helps many of the athlete in their own training. He often meets up on non practice days to help an athlete and most times is initiating every practice. A half Ironman is nothing for this guy.






Tatsiana Khvitsko-Trimborn: St. Louis Marathon


Hi guys, Tanya’s back on instagram! My husband John did all of the social media for me yesterday! 😉 Second time is a charm, right? 😜 my body is swollen and everything hurts but I am officially a MARATHONER with a time of 4:30:37 on two prosthetic legs! 🏅 If you remember or maybe don’t know, last year I attempted my first @gostlouis marathon but sadly I couldn’t finish it due to my body overheating and not cooperating.😔 I was truly heartbroken and devastated. I always see people finishing races and rarely see when somebody doesn’t finish one. This year it is a different story - I finished! 💥 I couldn’t let one failed race stop me from a finished race. Though I wouldn’t call my last years race a fail - it was more of a practice of what to do and not to do at this race! 😝As I look back to yesterday, as any athlete, I wonder what could I have done differently to improve my time. Maybe I shouldn’t have stopped for that potty break, or stopped less overall or maybe I could have ran just a little fast. But then I remind myself that I am running on two prosthetic legs and I don’t want to repeat last years story and just enjoy the moment of racing! 😅I am beyond overjoyed and thankful for EVERYONE who helped me and put up with me for the last 5 months of training. It’s best a wonderful journey. 🤓It’s been a great life lesson, if you failed at something- try again and again and again!


Thank you to my husband John for doing all this training with me (he would ride his bike while I ran)! ☺️ Thank you to @coachjwolf for all of his time, expertise and most importantly his belief in me✌🏻 Thank you to in Lenexa for the gym family and letting me use all the tools to train for this race. Thank you to my prosthetist @doylecollier from @deckeriop for making sure my prosthetic legs are always always ready to run. And thank you to @ottobockus_ca for the best running blades!! ❤️Thank you to @fitmjc and Dr. Jim for constantly improving all of my body aches and helping me with all of my injuries during the training season! Thank you @gostlouis for another successful race and for hospitality ❤️And thank you to my friends, family and followers for ALL THE SUPPORT!   @ St. Louis



Rachel Weeks And Guide Pamela Anne Ferguson: Ironman Galveston

Whew!  It’s been one hell of a race guys!  You don’t get these kind of races often but when you do, you love em and hug em and squeeze every last drop out!

I got a great night of sleep.  I’ve finally have worked through race nerves enough to know sleep is your friend not getting worked up over uncontrollables. The morning went well.  I got a double dose of Turner energy from Lee and Mark. And I got to share the bathroom line with pro badass Rinny Carfrae. I had to keep my eyes from popping out of my head!  So after all that good stuff I went into the swim in a really great place. We hugged our fellow PC athletes and off to the swim we went which meant jumping from 50 degree air temp into 69 degree water temp.  I quite enjoyed that! We started with pro women so it was a nice light crowd. This is the first swim that I hadn’t panicked in the water in some way. This is the first swim I was not worried about my tether. I can’t thank David Kuhn enough for the amazing swim tether. This was the first swim I kept moving forward. It was not my race pace because for me winning psychologically at the swim was more important than my pace.  I just focused on form and feeling strong. It was more than enough. However I still shaved off 7 minutes for a PR. I was a little wobbly coming out but I pushed through and ran anyway which I usually would walk. The bike...when you have a Lamborghini of a captain like THE Pamela Ferguson it’s like a dream. Eleanor did well. But the funniest thing is when we first took off I was like DAMN! This shit just got real! And I smiled because I knew it was gonna be a hell of a ride.  Speedy on the way out, lots of passing, headwind on the way in. I even gotta another batch of that Turner energy with Lee yelling out to us!! (I think I’m gonna bottle that stuff) Our total bike time was under 2:40 which is over a 10 minute PR on the bike. That’s like a wee bit over 21 mph an hour. Rocking baby!!! When we got back we couldn’t hardly take off our helmets and shoes and use our hands. We were frigid as was everyone else. With a little bit of time in transition we got off to the run and I felt like I had moon shoes because I could not feel my feet. Weirdest feeling ever!! We kept the cadence going and went off perceived effort.  My half marathon PR is a 2:15 at 10:13 and I managed to stay in that range with some slower miles during the tough times. Our average was 10:57 which was yet another PR. So I said all this to say first 70.3 was a 7:30ish my second was a 6:50ish and today...drum roll... was a 6:07. I couldn’t ask for a better race. The crowd and racers were amazing. Thank you to Team Catapult for your awesome cheering! You guys rock! Congrats to everyone who raced and i loved hearing about your PRs and your wins! Yes, it was cold but we pushed through. Tom Egan and All Out Endurance......what can I say, without you guys I would not be here. Pamela....I’ve had a freaking blast...forget the PRs and the’s just been amazing. I love that it’s so chill racing with you and I truly believe that I’m racing well because of that.  I couldn’t do this without you and the whole guiding community. You are my heroes!

Alright...gotta work on qualifying for Nationals next so I’m looking forward to a Sprint next weekend with my AOE team!  Let’s do this!!


#lightupthedarkness #teamcatapult #eyecanalliance #teamrwb

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