$182,000 Raised

& $74,000 SPENT =



Our annual Gala is the primary source of funding for our fiscal year. As a registered non-profit organization (NPO), the goal of our Gala is to host a fiscally-responsible, first class event. Every dollar raised at our annual Gala goes directly back into our mission!

For further information on our annual Gala and utilization of raised funds, contact us today.

2019 operating budget

2019 budget detail 2.JPG

Our operating budget is calculated to include each aspect of our yearly mission: event programming, grant approvals, adaptive equipment acquisitions, general and administrative expenses, and fundraising efforts. As an NPO, we diligently track our financials to operate within our approved budget.

Budgets are approved by our Board of Directors and are direct reflections of our organization’s operational policy - to limit overhead operating expenses, allowing the majority of funds to flow directly into our yearly mission and goals.

For further information regarding our operating budget and NPO status, contact us today.

2019 GRANT budget

the highlight of our entire Mission

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Year after year, we have strategically grown our Grant Program, with:

  • $14,000 approved in 2017,

  • $28,000 approved in 2018, and

  • $50,000 budgeted for approval in 2019!

Grants are available for use for a multitude of resources for our athletes. For first-time amputee runners, a running blade can be provided from some of our amazing partners. Visually impaired athletes often seek grants to offset transportation expenses to workouts, races and events, in Houston and beyond. Grant recipients utilize these funds in other forms as well, to accomplish their short and long-term, athletic goals - coaching, nutrition, adaptive equipment, etc. These options and more are available through CATAPULT’s growing and dynamic Grant Program.

Click here to learn more about our grant application process.

For further information on our Grant Program, or to get involved as a partner, contact us today.